Kate is our longest servicing practice nurse, with a wealth of experience. Kate's devotion to seaport and our patients is valued by all who meet her. Her role as clinical co-ordinator supports the clinic development in nursing services provided to our patients.

75+ Healthcare Co-ordinator

Gina Sealey

Gina has a wealth of knowledge and experienced and has been directly involved with community nursing for over 20 years.


She is passionate in her role as co-ordinator of 75 + health-checks and the direct assistance this provides her patients to live independently whilst maintaining quality of life through health and wellbeing.


Our treatment team provide clinical care to our patients. Seaport nursing team are a group of highly skilled experience nurses who provide continued expert care supporting our patients needs.

Diabetic Education

Sue Anson

Sue is our credentialed diabetic educator, her role in diabetes management and education optimises health and well-being of patients with diabetes. Sue works in conjunction with our doctors to care for our patients with all types of diabetes by providing support, integrating clinical care, self-management education, skills training and disease specific information to encourage the best quality of health outcomes.

Other Nurses